I’m Not Sure I’m Ready for a Throng of Adoring Fans

Throng is probably the wrong word. How about just that guy for now?

Until now, I’ve never inspired a song. I was blown away that my pebble in the cyber-pond rippled to resonance with Sly Hoax AKA y2kh8r. Sly captured the spirit of my written piece, My Minivan is a Chick Magnet perfectly. It was truly humbling to see Sly take the time and effort to turn it into his own video, complete with original music and lyrics.

Minivan is a joke I’ve told for a long time. For some unknown reason, the spirit of Berry White possessed me one night and I wrote it down with a little Langston Hughes flair. It’s been well received. If someone smiled and had a better day, it was worth it, but to see someone go all out and write a song about it, frankly, made my day.

Thank you, Sly. Y’all show Sly some cyber-love and give the video a view.

Visit BigBlueBabbon for more funny stuff collected by Sly.



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  1. That’s good. As a proud minivan owner myself, I can easily correlate sex appeal to minivan ownership. Mine has a bumper sticker that says “If this minivan’s a rockin…”, oh never mind.

  2. Mini-van. They are all mini-vans now.

    Whatever happened to regular sized vans? :-(

  3. Wow! You’ve hit the big time, congratulations!

  4. That is too cool. A couple of years ago one of mini van commercials had a line like, “Because moms don’t look like they used to” and a clip of a mom bending over to grab a bag of groceries, showing some mom cleavage. It was quick, but done with intent. Anyway, good stuff you did!

  5. I have to admit my husband winced when we got our first minivan (inherited, from a relative who was getting a sport Mustang after a divorce). Now we love our minivan, which has been coveted by others (really). When anyone moves, they ask to use it. When anyone has to haul a bunk bed from one home to another, they ask to use it. I’m always glad that I can get so much stuff in it, especially on shopping or other trips.

    Chick magnet? Hey, I can believe it. Liked the video, too.

  6. I don’t know about chick magnet, but the child came arunnin when I played the video. He liked it.

  7. Very cool! Your fame is spreading!

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