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Choosing the Correct Combination of Submission Options for Associated Content Articles

There seems to be great confusion about the submission options for Associated Content articles. There are also a few pit-falls in the system. Some combination of choices simply make no sense. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems new Associated Content contributors face and clear up a few things.

The submission template’s second page is where you select the options. Many people over-look the “more” links which help explain the various options. There are some very good descriptions hiding under these links. Click them. Read them. Afterward, if you don’t understand them, ask about them. I’ll save what they mean for another day. Today, I’ll be covering some of the common combination that spell heartburn for the uninitiated.

1. How do you publish time-sensitive articles?
You have a couple of choices that will publish without waiting for a content manager review. Display Only is the easiest. Choose Display Only and the rest of the selections will be filled out automatically. The other option is Non-Exclusive rights and Performance Only payments. Those are your only two options for immediate publication.

  • If you select Exclusive rights, your article will go into the review queue regardless of your other selections.
  • If you submit an article via the News template (page one of the publishing template), your article will go into the review queue regardless of your other selections.

Those two are the biggest mistakes I see contributors make. Go back and read that again and let is sink in.

2 Rights: Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, Display Only
Never, under any circumstances, select Exclusive rights and Performance Payments Only. If you do, you are giving AC perpetual rights for nothing. At least get a few bucks up-front from them if you’re going to give up your rights. Use Exclusive sparingly and only with Up-front Payment. Exclusive articles are going to be reviewed anyway (see above) so you might as well get paid for the wait.

Non-Exclusive at least gives you the right to republish elsewhere. With Exclusive, you can’t even post it on your own blog. 95%+ of all your submissions should be Non-Exclusive. I’ve seen more than one person say, “I’m never going to use the article again anyway so why not submit as Exclusive?” Because you never know when things are going to change. Keep your options open.

Display Only gives you the ability to edit at any time or delete the article completely. It pays the same in performance bonus as any other submission. It’s your best bet for testing the AC waters.

3. What goes into the review queue?
Other than Display Only or Non-Exclusive/No-upfront, everything will be reviewed prior to publishing. The exception is News. All news articles are reviewed. Never submit news under either of the two aforementioned options. You’re going to wait anyway so you might as well put in for the money.


4 thoughts on “Choosing the Correct Combination of Submission Options for Associated Content Articles

  1. Nice summary and I’m glad I”m getting your alerts for new content (by subscribing to your newsletter). I’d seen a discussion of title changes for various types of content and offer a small suggestion that you cover that at some point. I’m not sure but thought that titles could be changed, months or years later, on exclusive content (and perhaps even on other types of content) – by editors. I can’t recall the answer but I can search the forums to find it.

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