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The Most Expensive Meat on Earth

At about six pounds each, my mini-mighty Chihuahuas are running about $110/lb. After 6 days boarding over the Thanksgiving holiday, annual shots, dental cleaning, tooth extraction, and the responsible neutering for each, my veterinarian presented me with a bill for $1,330 and change. This makes my pups about the same price as Kobe beef flown in from Japan.

Obviously, I’m not condoning a canine diet. There isn’t much meat on the little rats anyway. Though, when I start juggling the bills to pay the vet and the cupboard starts thinning, those dogs are going to start looking pretty tasty. Either, that or they’re going to have to share their dog food with me.

The Vicious Hounds
The Vicious Hounds

5 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Meat on Earth

  1. Don’t you dare salt and pepper either one of them! They’re adorable! Besides I’ve seen posts about how they get up on your keyboard and help you write. You’d miss all that. You have to have dogs for cold weather anyway . . . you know, Three Dog Nights and all. Enjoyed this story!

  2. If you get you the right sized skewer (any old branch’ll do), I think each pup would do real good with some okra, some other vegetables, and maybe some okra. Set ’em about 20 minutes each over the fire pit and you could have yourself some good eatin’. Hey, ’round these parts our hounds don’t even got hair; at least we think them that is dogs are hairless…Hell. Tasted good least ways.

    It’s a good man who loves his hounds and holds off on eatin’ em ’till he can’t get no more upfront payments.

  3. Oh my goodness!
    I just had to reply to this blog as it had me laughing up a storm. What dark humor you have….Kobe beef….
    Don’t you touch those cuties.
    They’re beautiful.

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