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Associated Content’s Holiday Publishing Sweepstakes

A little bonus from Associated Content. You get a chance at a little extra stuffing in your stocking. It definitely sounds better than playing dradle with your cousin or eating corn.

Here’s part of the official announcement with all the blah-blah frilly stripped out.

We’ll be giving away six iPod Nanos to Content Producers throughout December. Publishing a piece of content for Upfront Payment automatically enters your name in the sweepstakes, and we’ll be drawing two new winners each week starting on December 16. If you’ve already published for Upfront Payment in December, you’re already entered. No purchase necessary. Full contest rules available here.

I love how AC used the old “here link” trick to avoid their own inter-linker chomping the URL.

So happy writing and happy holiday, what ever that holiday is.


One thought on “Associated Content’s Holiday Publishing Sweepstakes

  1. We say Merry Christmas here! (From our home to yours)

    I know AC means well, but their promotions remind me of the time I went through a period thinking I would win something by entering all those contests on line. I wish good luck to everyone entered….I am not holding my breath!

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