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Associated Content’s 2008 People’s Media Awards Now Accepting Nominations

It’s that time of year again. AC has been taking nominations via a forum thread for the 2008 prizes for about a week now. Here’s the official announcement:

Associated Content is once again hosting its annual awards program that recognizes the achievements of exceptional Content Producers on AC. This year’s awards include one cash prize of $2,000 for the “Content Producer of the Year” and three cash prizes of $500 each for the best articles of the year. AC is also shelling out prizes for “Videographer of the Year” ($500), “News Provider of the Year” ($500), “Audiocaster of the Year” ($500) and three bonuses for Top Performing Content ($100 each). AC will be collecting nominations throughout December, and the winners will be announced in January 2009.

Just a few thoughts about this years awards.

1. Display-only articles don’t qualify for Article of the Year. I guess AC thinks the author will win and then might remove the article. If you think you have an award-worthy article, you’d better convert it to a Non-exclusive article.

2. Since videos and audios are not eligible for up-front payment, it’s nice to see these categories rewarded in some way. Fortunately for those in the running the competition is low. AC videos have a notorious history of not playing correctly so not many people bother. Likewise, audios take forever to publish and most don’t have the patience.

3. The News Provider category is yet another attempt at bolstering AC as a news site. I’ll catch flack for saying it, but AC is not and never will be a news site. It just doesn’t have the credibility. Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of talented writers submitting to the AC news channel. I’m not down-playing the writing. It’s just that real, first-hand reporting is rare at AC and, oxymoronically, often rejected as unsubstantiatable. This creates the vicious circle that AC claims they don’t want, namely, regurgitated wire stories. Even more confusing is the fact that AC often publicly congratulates news contributors who submit exactly that. If I ever see a real, first-hand report published via the AC news channel, I’ll let you know, but don’t stand in the rain waiting.

4. As usual, the nomination thread is quickly becoming cluttered with thank-yous from those nominated. It would be great if the nominees saved their acceptance speeches for after the awards. Just a pipe dream, I know, but it would make it easier to follow the nominations.

5. CP of the Year? That’s a tough call. I already chimed in with Carol Bengle Gilbert. I only know Carol from her AC writings, but felt here consistent quality and varied topics make her the prime candidate. She’s a little light on community involvement, which I consider to be part of the over-all package, but she fits the AC model of a great, consistent writer.

If you’re an AC CP and logged in, just visit the Awards Forum to see all the nomination threads.
Good luck to everyone.


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