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Update on the Latest Plagiarist

Just an update on the blogger who was raping content from Associated Content (see 12 Nov post). It turns out that it was just a rogue blogger ( ) not the entire site. It’s funny what some people will do for a few AdSense pennies.

The blogger’s account was pulled so now we all move on to finding the next asshole. Keep an eye out.


6 thoughts on “Update on the Latest Plagiarist

  1. Thank you! How is the best way to locate these thieves? I tried the Google Alert thingy and that is a real pain in the ass. Is there another way? Maybe Google the title? Best regards,

  2. Keeping an eye out for the latest can be tricky, even with Google or other alerts. One tries, however…one tries. Your alerts and updates certainly help!

  3. Google Alerts are probably the best “poor man” way to find plagiarist, Sadie. If you want to really do the job right, you’ll have to pay for a service like CopyScape.

  4. Can’t thank you too much for your open ears to the ‘red hot’ news that is actually news WORTHY, Barefoot! You’re scribbles are the ‘best in the west!’

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