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More Plagiarism of AC Content

Better check and see if your articles are the victims of the latest pilferer of AC content. The bandit is or it may just be who is doing the thieving.

According to WhoIs, Blogmas appears to be a Danish blackhatter (according to the phone number). There appears to be no way to reach the sight owners, so most likely, you will have to deal with their hosting company, TURNKEYINTERNET.NET.

What do you do if you find your articles stolen? Check out a previous post here, Dealing with Plagiarism for details about how to handle the situation based on your content’s rights (exclusive v. non-exclusive). There is a link on the right side-bar to a very helpful site, Plagiarism Today if you need some DCMA templates.

Let’s hope they are shut down soon.


8 thoughts on “More Plagiarism of AC Content

  1. I just discovered a WordPress blog that has been posting straight from my personal blog. It is bizarre. Since I am not on WordPress i am not allowed to contact that person though. Any idea of how to nip this in the bud?

  2. Hey Zane. I’m not sure why you can’t contact the offending blogger unless the blogger has disabled comments, you should be able to leave a nice DMCA note as a comment. If not, contact wordpress directly. They don’t cotton to plagiarism and should have the yokel’s blog pulled in short order.

  3. Ugh . . . They “got” me! And I wouldn’t have known to even check if it weren’t for your bulletin! Looks like “somebody at blogmas” posted my most recent AC article “Hot Halloween Events in Tucson” but have recently deleted the post & their account?! Disturbing . . . . Makes me wonder if they’re just ‘changing’ address to post it somewhere else? Hmmm . . . I wouldn’t be so paranoid if the goobers weren’t out to get us!

  4. Keeping up with it all is a pain. Within 24 hours of doing a piece on some popular topic (oh yeah – free college tuition) the links had been stolen, with no trackbacks to my page, by a ton of companies and sites. I kept reporting them and they kept sprouting up. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up on this new one.

  5. Randy…you sent me an e-mail about the article I wrote called Amway- the Queen of Cookware and stories of Oatmeal and Chicken Livers. You are right… was copied word for word and I did not give permission for them to use it. What next? ~Judy

  6. Hey Judy. I sent you a message at AC, but here’s the gist: You should get a DMCA form letter from Plagiarism Today (link at right). Leave a comment on the thief’s blog. If they don’t respond, contact WordPress. They don’t brook plagiarist.

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