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More Holidays, More Holidays.

‘Tis the season and in the spirit of green living (take a bath you dirty hippies), I’ve recycled a couple of articles for the November holidays. U.S. only. Bugger off other nations. Oh, not you Canada. I love you, Canada. Please come back, Canada. You’re my favorite foreign chick. I promise to stop consuming cheap plastic products from China until I stumble home at 3 AM and smack you around.

First up, a serious piece. “What?” you say, “He writes serious stuff?” Of course I write serious stuff. In the words of John Merrick, “I am a human being!” I’ve been known to wax historically or philosophically. This one was something that I wrote in memory of my Dad, but it applies to all our troops. Honestly folks, go find a veteran and give them a big hug.

When Veteran’s Day is Personal
Soldiers are a breed apart. We would not enjoy our freedoms without their sacrifices. One day of remembrance each year is not enough. I remember my soldier 365 days a year. Here is why.
Read the rest. It’s the best. »

This next article kind of got away from me. It was supposed to be a “How to” and I guess it is in its own way. Here it is again in plenty of time for the US Thanksgiving and the Canadian Thanksgiving, too. Feel free to apply these tips as needed.

A Handy Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving can be exhausting, but these tips will get you through the day especially if family is coming. Memories, food, and fuzzy memories of Thanksgivings past and probably yet to come.
Read the rest. It’s the best. »


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