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The Good News is, I Don’t Have Diabetes

One good thing about being in the hospital for four days is you get a profile of your vital signs. Every four hours, someone is taking your temperature, blood pressure, oxygenation level, and, in my case, blood-sugar level. Man, are my fingers sore.

After a three-day fast with nothing but dripping dextrose-saline solution in my veins, I was pleased to discover my blood-sugar levels remained in the (pardon the pun) sweet spot of the acceptable range. When I was finally given some solid food on Sunday, the results varied a bit more, but always remained on track.

As a result of my little brush with death, I can say with certainty that what my doctor has been thinking about my spiral into diabetes can be attributed as a secondary symptom of the real problem. Now that the primary issue is dealt with, I can discontinue one more prescription. I’ll continue to test myself, but so far, so good.

Next time…more about AC’s continuing struggle to screw their site into the ground.


9 thoughts on “The Good News is, I Don’t Have Diabetes

  1. I had gestational diabetes, and my fingers were so sore after months of checking my sugars four times a day! I’m happy you’re doing better, Randy.

  2. Dude, I knew you were sick but I thought it was from the shoulders up. I put in a petition or two on your behalf w/the man upstairs. I told him that if he took you now he wouldn’t get any work done cause he’d be too busy laughing at your stuff. I know how you feel though, I’ve been going through a similar thing. One doctor told me that I was at that age where things just start falling apart. Another went to write me a prescription and after pulling three rectal thermometers out of his shirt pocket said “Damn, some asshole’s got my pen”.

  3. Hi, I am so happy about your news! Having Diabetics(multiple) in my family I know the ramifications. I had to stop and write a line to you . I have been thinking of you alot. Unfortunately I have been extremely busy but, things should be slowing down after next week end for my mother arrives Saturday. I will write you a note soon after that. Take Care,
    Cindy Flagg

  4. Congratulations on your recovery. Fewer meds is always better. Shocking isn’t it. But hey, I’ve been there. Two years ago my doctor told me I was going to die, and soon, and she didn’t know quite what was wrong. I did. Fixed it. It was brutal, but it can be done. Life is soooo much better now.

  5. Gosh darned I didn’t realize you were sick : ( So I’m glad that I got the great news (along with the bad) together. Good to have you back in the saddle, Randy : )


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