WaMu Guy Does Chevy. Your Random Synapse Firing of the Day.

I don’t know the actor’s name, but the guy who did all those WaMu commercials with naked bankers is now doing Chevy commercials. Who can blame him? You have to go where the money is and it obviously isn’t at WaMu any more. I guess all those free checking accounts sent them into bankruptcy.

Look out Chevy! This guy is the harbinger of doom. He killed WaMu and now he’s out for you. And while we’re on the subject, why is “Chevy as American as apple pie?” Wasn’t W.C. Durant a French dude? Sure, he hired a fellow French dude to race his cars, but when both he and Louis Chevrolet got to Ellis Island, Louis became just plain, old Chevy. Etymology was never a strong suit of mine. Forgive me.

Now that WaMu has sucked the life out of us, let us now join Chevy bumpers across America and jump start ourselves. Crap, the whole “join bumpers” thing fails when bumpers are not made of conductive metal. (Kids, in the old days, you could hook up one jumper cable between batteries, touch metal bumpers to complete the circuit, and jump-start your car. Stay in school. Anodes and cathodes may save your life some day.)

My point? The WaMu guy is going to kill us all! If you see him, phone 911 and/or terminate with extreme prejudice. As a wise presidential adviser once said, “It’s all about the stupid economy.”


2 thoughts on “WaMu Guy Does Chevy. Your Random Synapse Firing of the Day.

  1. Is this the guy:

    I should have known better than to read this post because I had a premonition (and I was right) that I’d feel compelled to do some research. By the way, in case you haven’t followed any forum posts lately, my doctor is now going to do a research study on estrogen levels and wrist pain. Proud of yourself? All I did was mention your suggestion lightly, assuming he’d see it as humor, laugh about pot roasts and vacuuming, etc.

    Instead, he got a glint in his eye like he’d just seen the car or woman of his dreams, only the dream was really his ideal research topic! Doctors are just plain weird. They’ll take any idea and run with it for a research study. Plus, he is making me do some stupid things to find out if I have excess metal in my body or some such thing. He didn’t even ask any questions to find out how or why I’d have any excess metal. I think it was just his idea of the moment. His idea of the moment means I have to have blood tests, plus 3 days of other medical testing and who knows what else? He says the rest will depend on the results of this test. I’ll bet it’ll turn out that E was right all along but I’ll have to pay a fortune to discover that. Ugh.

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