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Associated Content Forum Debacale Update. Baby Steps.

I said seeing is believing so in fairness, I have to report Associated Content (AC) is making some progress with their forum. AC made some minor changes today. Nothing too spectacular, but enough to let the community know they are listening and trying. It’s still a pain to navigate, but they did list all the sub-forums on the main index page. You still have to navigate back to home plate to go off in another direction. There aren’t “new posts” indicators, yet.

Here’s what they changed or added:

  • Search Posts by CP
  • Javascript buttons fixed when editing/replying more than once on page
  • updated breadcrumbs
  • added forum links to Forum Index
  • User information added to subscription emails
  • added ability to embed images

I haven’t found any way to search for post by CP so I don’t know what they meant by that. The image embed is new, not really something that was holding up progress, but nice. We’ll see what other changes are coming. Baby steps today. Maybe the next round of changes will have the rest of the community’s suggestions incorporated.

ETA: I stand corrected by clickers more adept at clicking than me. If you click the “number of post” under a avatar, you get the history of that CP’s post. Way to make it subtle AC.

AC also introduced a new bug with their latest round of fixes. No one can start a new thread in the forums. Unfortunately, this is typical for AC. Fix one thing, break another.


17 thoughts on “Associated Content Forum Debacale Update. Baby Steps.

  1. I like the new changes so far. Can’t wait to see what else they will do, though. I’m now wondering what they are doing with the C4C template, since they are working on that right now. Hope it’s something good.

  2. I love the word ‘debacale’. I had to ask Angie how to find the CPs’ post history, and once I figured it out, I realized the history isn’t in chronological order. It’s in order by thread, which makes sense in a way.

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  5. This look interesting,so far.
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