It’s a SUV world and I’m short.

I’m used to pulling up to the coffee kiosk in my sexy mini-van. All the world’s on plane and I can look Barbie barista in the eye, until today. Today I rolled up in my sexy new Honda Civic. Yeah, baby, it’s dark blue and…WTH?…you’re three feet taller than me. I’ll just have my coffee in my lap, thank you. Barista Barbie won’t give me a second look now. My car is so small and new and paid for. I can afford this tire smoke. ERRRRR. No I can’t. These are new Goodyears. WTH was I thinking? Damn, I spilled my coffee. Mother of Pearl! These were clean khakis.



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  1. LOL The other day we were riding in our smaller car instead of our big double-cab truck and it was definitely different.

  2. Wow, I feel ya, bro! Our main ride is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, and you can’t get much shorter than that!

  3. Just remember, there’s nothing sexier than someone driving a paid for car. I should know, I just paid off my little Ion :)

  4. I miss those days when I had a small sports car. soon my mini-van will go and I can’t wait. I only wished I had bought a new car before you did. ;)

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