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Decisions Decisions or Why I want to Go to the Denver Circus

I have a choice to make. TV has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses and I’m one of the masses. I have to make decision whether to watch the unending coverage of the Democratic National Convention from Denver or Lewis Black’s “Root of All Evil.” Tonight’s “Root” is “Red States v. Blue States” so it’s appropriate and confusing.

Do I flick back and forth? Do I depend on my “last channel” button? God no! They’ve pre-programmed that thing to bring up random channels designed to infiltrate my foil hat. Press it often enough and the photons will have you singing Liza Minelli tunes. There is only one decision to make here…Do you like clowns? If you do, don’t watch Lewis Black. He has a brain, but oddly is a Democrat.

Where we really all need to be is the circus. Popcorn, cotton candy, giant peanuts, giant hats, screaming children…you know, the circus. I’m locking my TV on the convention (yes, I wrapped my antenna in foil) so I can see the spectacle that is democracy, at least, as far as the bylaws of the DNC provide. You know they have as much accountability as your local Kiwanis Club or VFW? Sorry, that’s a big bubble to burst.

Thank God for DVR. Oh, did I say He’d been replaced? No, He just got better. Then he smote us with a mighty smote. But then again, we didn’t accept his latest prophet, so we deserved it.

This is just a perspective from behind the Good Morning America barricades where this was filmed.


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