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Personalized License Plates

You know what I’m talking about. You get behind someone in traffic with a personalized plate and you spend 12 red lights trying to figure out what the hell it means. You veer from your regular path and follow the car 19 miles out of the way and you’re still scratching your head wondering if even the owner knows what the plate says.

My daughter got a personalized plate with her first car. It was INDROCK. She really was into Independent Rock Artists, therefore Ind-Rock. Someone pointed out to her one day that they thought she was a crack addict because her plate read, “I need rock.” She switched to a standard plate with the next tag renewal.

Today I got behind a guy who had “BLTROX” on his gas guzzler. I thought, “This dude really likes sandwiches.” I think I’ll apply for “TACONUT” when I renew. What? I really like tacos. Dang!


18 thoughts on “Personalized License Plates

  1. I don’t know why but the English teacher part of me always liked the license plate that said, “It is I” Wish I had that license plate even if it does seem a bit picky or grammar obsessive. Of course, I’m not sure I really understand when to use “It is I” but I like the fact that someone has the confidence to have that license plate. It has to be an English teacher or grammarian. There are probably a ton of better license plates out there but that one struck me as funny and unique.

    Lol at your daughter’s tag. I would have thought she was a geologist from Indiana if I’d seen it :)

  2. Hey TACONUT.

    LOL You are so right. I’m always trying to figure out what people’s license plates mean. They start some interesting family discussions anyway.

    What do you think of MA2MANY…

  3. What you said here was so true. Usually I can kinda figure out what the owners of the license plate were intending. Another thing: have you ever followed a car too closely to read all the fine print in their multiple bumper stickers . . . then wished you hadn’t.

    I found out something new last night from my husband who talks to the cops sometimes at the hospital where he works. In Minnesota, if you get a DWI and are found guilty, you are likely to have a “W” somewhere on your license plate the next time you get them. It’s the way they identify problem drinkers/drivers from what I understand.

  4. This morning I must have been behind a hockey player. His tag was KICKICE. I think MA2MANY is perfect for you Mommy and KICKICE made me remember jcorn just made Clout 10. Keep kicking ice, jcorn.

    Sandy, that sounds like an urban legend. Hmm…

  5. Loved your post on personalized plates. It is fun trying to figure out what the owner means. Also, congrats to jcorn. That’s quite an accomplishment. See ya at the AC.

  6. I live in IL and for the cars, the letters come before the numbers. Hubby and I have fun plates… Our last named spelled without the vowels. Yet for those that know us, the last name reads the same! LOL!!

  7. In Tennessee, these things are so overpriced, I decided that getting one for my car (TN STUD) would be a waste of money, not to mention false advertising! I saw one this morning on the way to work that said “O SHEILA”. that one really screams “stuck in 1985!

  8. The best one I have seen so far, and I mean the BEST was around Beverly Hills and said V14GR4. That person must have been either really dumb or very clever.

  9. Lol, nice post!

    I think there was a thing in the news here (the UK) earlier this week saying personalised plates ranked first in a list of things that annoyed drivers about other drivers!! I’d have thought bad driving such as dangerous over taking, cutting people up etc would have been more annoying but there ya go! I got a personalised plate for my first car which I’ve kept on my latest car. I guess it is kind of lame really, but it was a gift and don’t really wanna get rid of it for that reason.

    The INDROCK thing was hilarious btw! :P

  10. Personalised license plates isn`t allowed in Norway, (where i come from) I think thats sad, cos i would get one.

  11. My Florida plate is a “Save the Panther” tag which I persoanlized further… Mummie. (Mine was my best friend. It is in her honour). It’s way cool with the placement of the letters…
    MUM(panther’s face)MIE
    This is not a vanity plate to me, but a (public) statement of the important things in (my) life!

  12. I would always write the personalized plates down when I was a kid to try and figure them out on long journey’s. I have a personal plate of my own now, MMM PIE. It’s an inside joke my husband and I have.

      1. WOW small world! I’m pretty sure I saw your plate in St. Augustine in 05 or 06. Freaky! I grabbed mine from the Simpsons in 04.

  13. Just throwing out a post here to note that I am just now getting Google alerts on these comments and posts. Any idea why? I’m getting them for other sites where comments or posts are years old. Maybe a Google alert update or glitch?

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