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Marketing Faux Pas. I Deserve a Double Chin.

Here’s your random neuron firing for the day.

I guess I’ve been hyper-sensitive to marketing ploys since recently reading Corporate Mascots that Shouldn’t Be. The article pointed out seven corporate mascots that turned out to be really bad ideas.

As with many of my befuddlements, this one was a double-take while shopping my local Publix grocery store. I was pausing on the last aisle, the evil ice cream aisle, because, well hell, it’s August in Alabama and ice cream sounded good. I noticed a new line of flavors from my favorite brand, Breyers. It was in a bright orange, eye catching carton. Each label was embellished with curvaceous lettering spelling out the brand differentiation, “Double Churn.” Only at first glance, I swore it read, “Double Chin.”

Suddenly a commercial sparked in my brain. The fancy orange cartons were dancing in the freezer, beckoning me with siren calls of, “Hey Fatty McFatterson! Come get a box of fat! Yo, Fatty fat big face! You know you want some. Double Chin delivers.”

Of course, I didn’t buy any and now I’m all sweaty from laughing all the way home. I sure could use some ice cream. Dang it!


5 thoughts on “Marketing Faux Pas. I Deserve a Double Chin.

  1. What will power! So, have you gone back yet? Ice cream in the middle of the summer sounds great. Since I live with my dad who is a diabetic, I’ve learned to enjoy low fat and sugar free. Really!

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