Associated Content Starts “Best of AC” Monthly Contest

Associated Content (AC) has been kicking around ideas for new contest. Their hope is to stir up a buzz and get new and current writers to submit even more articles. They aren’t real stringent on how you submit your work for this contest. From the initial announcement, it looks like all articles can be nominated and considered regardless of other payments or non-payments.

From the official announcement:

Each month, we’ll select three different topics and keep our eyes open for Content Producers with especially strong output in each of those areas. At the end of the month (once all applicable entries have been cataloged by our Content Managers), AC’s Community team will award $100 to a single CP in each category, and feature the winners on our Community Page and in the “AC Connect” newsletter.

The inaugural August 2008 contest categories are Entertainment Reviews, Olympics 2008 Coverage, and Back-to-School Guides.

More on the selection criteria can be found in AC’s official article.

Nominations are accepted in the official forum thread (General Forum).

~~ Good luck and happy writing.


4 thoughts on “Associated Content Starts “Best of AC” Monthly Contest

  1. I stopped by here after seeing a post about your blog on the forum because I felt guilty seeing the reminder that you had a blog and I couldn’t remember exactly when I stopped by (June? July?) Ouch,just felt another sharp pang of guilt. Ouch…yet another.

    Thing is, I thought I’d subscribed to your blog more than once but I’m not getting announcements when you write something new here. It is a puzzle. Anyway, great to see this informative post about the new contest!

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