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Associated Content Begins Distribution Payments

With no announcement or warning, Associated Content started compensating their contributors for articles distributed via their web site partnership arrangements. We don’t have any official word so the following is early-observation conjecture.

First, you have to know when submitting an article to AC, the author has several choices, one of which is “Distribution: Would you like to make this content eligible for distribution with approved AC partners?” This selection is only available under a couple of conditions:

  1. The article must NOT be previously published.
  2. If submitted as “Exclusive,” it is automatically eligible for Distribution consideration.
  3. If submitted as “Non-Exclusive,” you have a choice in Distribution consideration.

Keep in mind, even non-exclusive submission are going to experience a publishing delay as a content manager must review them.

Distribution Payments
AC has been trying for a long time to figure out a decent way to compensate their contributors for articles sold to other sites. Since it is virtually impossible to track the amount of traffic these articles receive on the partner sites, it looks like AC has fallen back on a simple one-time payment for such articles. Reportedly, it is a $2.00 flat payment. At least, that is what the early returns are showing.

At this point, we don’t know if the payments may vary by partner or if AC is marching forward on some sort of traffic-based compensation from the partners. There has been no official announcement from AC about this new policy. Were all just guessing and hoping. The good news is, AC seems dedicated to finding new ways to fairly compensate their authors.


8 thoughts on “Associated Content Begins Distribution Payments

  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I got several of these. I think this is a good thing, whether the payouts stay at $2 or fluctuate. It’s nice to have a little payment appear for something I’ve already been paid for. Of course more $$ would be nice, but I just appreciate AC’s move to compensate us when they resell our content. :-)

  2. I did get an email from AC about this (post dated!) and it appears that $2 is going to be the going rate…

    Curious to see what comes of this in the long run.

  3. This is a nice bonus. I got a notice yesterday for an older article. I wonder if the distributions occur more often for pieces submitted exclusively to AC or not? Do non-exclusive pieces get as many distribution offers. It seems reasonable that exclusive pieces would be better for AC because they would show up only where AC wanted them to appear.

  4. Definitely a nice little bonus, but I don’t write on topics that will be picked up. Plus, I don’t submit items as exclusive anymore.

  5. I agree. I just received a distribution payment today and spend an hour trying to figure out if they paid me for the wrong article or what was going on, lol. It is a nice bonus: the one that was distributed for me I wrote my first month with AC, so I had forgotten all about it!

  6. I think that’s rather ridiculous that they are paying simply a flat fee. If they had a good team, they would know that there are ways to track this. For example, a friend of mine submitted an article to Triond that was, in turn, published on the ultra-popular site Weburbanist. She continues to get paid each month for the pageviews from the article. Same goes for the other articles she’s published on Triond’s network of niche sites. Her articles usually go to Digg, and unlike Associated Content, sites in Triond’s network can actually hit a front page, sometimes very high up, if the content is good. Triond pays 50% of the revenue from pageviews to the writer, with payouts each month and beginning at 50 cents.
    So, for me, that is better than earning a meesly 2 dollar flat, one-time payout. As an avid Internet user, I can tell you that is a tiny, tiny percentage of what a site earns.

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