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Associated Content’s $5000 Contest Coming 3 June 2008

Could you use $5000?

That’s what AC is offering. One day and one day only, June 3rd, AC will be holding the ultimate Call 4 Content. Once the topic is announced, authors will have from 9am until midnight (Eastern Time) to compose and submit their article. The prize is $5000.

Crack your knuckles, adjust your ergonomic chair and dust off your keyboard (compressed air recommended) because there can be only one. Details as they unfold.

The official contest rules.


13 thoughts on “Associated Content’s $5000 Contest Coming 3 June 2008

  1. I’m eager to see the C4C. Any wild guesses, anyone?

    My theory is that after they all saw how well everyone connected in the community forums that they decided to keep up the momentum – that or throw a contest out there as a diversionary tactic. One guy (the one who writes something like 17 articles a day) even said the forum posts were better than CSI or the Sci Fi channel or something until all the women started swooning over that guy on a horse, the one who had a donkey in his avatar (I thought it was a bearded goat because those avatars are so small).

    Meanwhile, I’m doing my subconscious best to promote you and E (darn it, hate that blasted subconscious mucking around with my intentions).

  2. I’m curious, my interest is aroused…yet I have that sarcastic voice in my head telling me “Yeah…good luck with that.” :)

  3. Very cool! Good luck to everyone. But I’m curious, how can judging be the last week in August yet the winner will be announced June 10, 2008?

  4. So they announce the C4C at 9AM and the contest closes at midnight? This could be fun.

    From the rules, it’s not going to be just one topic … I may sandbag on a couple of projects until this comes up.

    (a) Criteria. Each entry will be reviewed by Associated Content staff, which will use the following criteria (which will be equally weighted) to narrow the contenders to 10 finalists that will be sent to the judging panel, which will evaluate the finalists on the same criteria that encompass an overall “quality”:

    1. Originality.
    Topic should not already be covered extensively on AC or be saturated on the wider Web. The topic’s scope should be narrow enough to provide a discrete original value.

    2. Clarity/readability.
    The content’s topic should be obvious from the start, and its presentation, formatting and flow should be easy for a reader consuming the content on a computer screen.

    3. Enterprise.
    The supporting argument or evidence of the general thesis of the content must be informative, interesting or insightful.

    4. Usefulness.
    Topic should be relevant to the intended target audience, and the information presented in the content should provide some value to the consumer that would find the topic useful.

    5. Discoverability.
    Does the headline/title, lead paragraph and associated “search tags” lend the content to being discoverable through search?

  5. I would be happy with anything that isn’t a call for the best restaurant in Denver, or some disease I need to catch to be able to have a personal experience with.

  6. It may be temporary but I can’t get into the site and I don’t think it is nearing the deadline for the contest today. I do hope it is temporary!

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