Be True to Yourself

Just to let y’all know, I practice what I preach. I had a medical check up last Wednesday and, as a result, had about 5 prescriptions to refill. I went directly to my friendly, neighborhood, Publix pharmacy. I did not pass “Go.” I did not collect $200.

Taking my own advice about messing with the pharmacy techs, I put on my best “I’m sick and dying” face and approached the counter. Handing my list of drugs to the new girl, with a slight crackly cough in my voice, I said, “I’m very sick and need all of these filled. I have drug-resistant tuberculosis.”

The pharmacist slowly leaned back to get a look at who was at the window. I waved and she said, “I just needed to see who they let out.” When I checked out, she told me I’d better be wearing a surgical mask next visit.

I love my life. I love that I have no inhibition chip in my brain when it comes to having a laugh or sharing a smile.

But on a more serious note, I witnessed a horrible event on that fateful trip to Publix. A woman was killed right before my disbelieving eyes. I wrote the grizzly details at Associated Content. It isn’t a story for the feint of heart or weak of bladder. Woman Beaten to Death in Local Supermarket, if you’re interested.



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  1. Inquiring minds need to know: Do you really have drug-resistant tuberculosis or were you just messing with the girl?

  2. If I had the DR-TB, I don’t think I could hold down a 48 hour-a-week job and care for the Mrs. and feed the dogs and mow the grass. Goof.

  3. You’re right. I had my head screwed on backwards when I asked that question. LOL

  4. So was the body bag paper or plastic?

  5. itzrissa2u Says: “So was the body bag paper or plastic?”

    My bad. I should really follow up on these ground-breaking stories. Mrs. Mercy was wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in a simple cardboard box from the dumpster in back of the store.

  6. Oh, my! Aluminum foil?

  7. well, at least she won’t get freezer burn in the morgue!

  8. I have faithfully read your instructions on how to email the administration at Associated Content and I thought I’d get your wisdom on this matter because it baffles me. Do they test out administrative things by having all the content which garners the most comments for the day focus on one subject?

    Today that subject is online schools, with comments by bots. Tons of bots. Is this an administrative thing? I did write to them at something like 4 am this morning (don’t ask, you don’t want to know why I was up, trust me on this) and the material is still showing up, all propped up by bot or spam comments.

    Any insight? If not for me, answer for my mother. She is in a wheelchair now and I have the bruised shins to prove it.

  9. Rissa- but just think of the surprised Freegens (upscale dumpster divers) who’ll have a surprise :)

  10. I just had to laugh when I read the drug resistent TB line you fed to the pharmacy employee. Ill have to pass that one on to my father. He uses the grumpy old man face and paces in front of the the pharmacy counter between asking how much damn longer is it gonna be. He gets such a kick out of the fact they fill his prescriptions before others just to get him out of there. I guess since he retired he has to find his fun where he can and its just a sad fact the pharmacy is among one of the most visited places.

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