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Life Lesson #122: Never buy shoes by mail.

I don’t care how attractive the offer is, the return postage cost is well worth the trip to the shoe store. Always take the time to physically try on shoes in a brick and mortar shop. Your feet will thank you. Your wallet will thank you. Your letter carrier will thank you for not having to pick up a blood-soaked box the next day. The internet is great for most things, but shoe buying isn’t one of them.


7 thoughts on “Life Lesson #122: Never buy shoes by mail.

  1. Since that is the shortest comment I think I’ve ever left, I think I’ll leave another. I’m having withdrawal pangs after leaving a short comment. The urge to purge is just so….strong.

  2. LOL – I bet. I have not attempted that one yet, but I don’t think I will. Wait, actually, I did order some shoes for one of the kids in the mail once, but maybe we only had luck because they were toddler shoes…

  3. I have ordered a lot of things via mail, but never shoes. Thanks for sharing your experience. I never will.

  4. NO NO NO! I am writing an article about shoe shopping online. Ya gotta buy from the right place. There are several out there that offer next day delivery and free returns!, etc. Don’t give up on the joy of shoe shopping online! I can teach you. :)

  5. I agree with you. I used to actually do a lot more Internet shopping in the early days when it was tax-free and everyone offered free shipping. Now I just can’t justify the shipping prices.

  6. I buy all my shoes online. I stay with one company that has a large choice in my size, and in three or four years I haven’t had any problems. It’s worth a bit of postage not to have to trek from one store to another. Most stores carry very little in my size, which means almost no choice in style or color. Also, shoe buying usually isn’t exactly an emergency, so I can wait until the store is having a postage-free promotion.

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