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No Check for You: the IRS Will Make Sure Your Rebate is Spent Right

Category: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

It has been said the second most frightening words in the English language are, “Hi. I’m from the government.” When this is followed by, “…and I’m here to help you,” you should run. Run as fast as you can with that load in your pants. In that vain, the IRS has decided it knows best how you should spend their…er…your money.

The IRS wants to make sure those “economic stimulus” checks do their intended job of being dumped back into the economy. To prevent high-risk citizens from just paying off their credit cards instead of buying washing machine, the IRS has started sending goods instead of money. Who is “high-risk” will be determined solely by the IRS.

I heard this story on the drive home from work on Market Place. I admit, I’m a NPR junkie. It’s great programming and just a little naughty. I don’t donate to NPR, but still sneak a listen as often as possible. Just a little danger to spice up my life. It’s like ordering the Club Sandwich. I’m not a member of the club, but the waiter never asks for ID and I put one over on him every time.

Here is a link to the printed story on the Market Place web site.

Here is a direct link to the audio version of the story. Much more interesting if you have the bandwidth. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for information on how you can help stop this silliness.


11 thoughts on “No Check for You: the IRS Will Make Sure Your Rebate is Spent Right

  1. lol well if that had been posted on any other date….

    oh a fellow NPR person. Do you find the calm soothing tones of NPR reporters relaxing? I always get pleasantly sleepy when I listen to NPR.

  2. The article (and audio) isn’t serious. My blog fell for it, too based on it being played on NPR. If you go to the site and click on The Marketplace Players tag, you’ll see that all of their features are satirical.

  3. I fell for this one , really good NPR !!! Sadly this Bush adminsitration is so bad Its easy to believe they could do something like this.

  4. I just wish the whole rebate thing was an April Fools’ joke. Worst freaking excuse I’ve ever seen for a federal budgetbuster. Like $1200 is going to make any difference when we’re living through Argentina 2.0.

  5. Would anyone be surprised if they really did it after hearing the show on NPR? I’m so financially impaired that (I blush to admit it) I actually believe that paying down debt might actually do something to stimulate the economy and give people something to do than support credit card companies.

    I remember how we had an extra $300 or so after we paid off a car loan which we I thought was a waste of money to start with (I thought we should have bought a used car).

    I’m so illogical that I keep thinking that if people paid down debt that they’d save on interest payments and even free up extra money – possibly every single month. I guess financial literacy and my brain just don’t match up.

    Still, paying down debt sure SEEMED to work when we got rid of those car payments and finally paid the sucker off. Suddenly, there were hundreds of extra dollars NOT going to car payments and it added up to more than $1200 in less than 6 months – and it keeps on adding up to extra money we have.

    But…I must have made some major economic mistake. Being able to balance a checkbook, contribute regularly to a retirement fund and even get paid occasionally on AC must mean I’m financially impaired in some MAJOR way. In order to stimulate the economy, I guess I need to be racking up more credit card debt. I’m ashamed to be letting down the economy by not doing so…

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