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Vogue Magazine Casts LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen in Remake of King Kong

Vogue magazine lit a nice fire with the latest cover. I don’t have a subscription, but the new “Shape Issue” caught my eye. They expound on all sorts of shapes, but mine. My doctor keeps telling me I’m out of shape. I keep reminding her that round is a shape.

Let’s try to look beyond the racial divide that still exists the world over and take something away from this furor that can be applied to life. In general, life teaches us these things.

Prejudice is human nature. Yeah, I said it. Want to fight about it? You’re prejudice. I’m prejudice. We’re all prejudice in a different way. My prejudice is just against stupidity. If you want to read my angry rant about prejudice, well screw you! I don’t like you. You smell funny and I hate you so don’t read it.


2 thoughts on “Vogue Magazine Casts LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen in Remake of King Kong

  1. Randy – Finally, something worth reading about the cover issue. My take? I collect Leibovitz’s work, mostly her covers but also some of her works collected in book form. She is no dupe. Sure, she pushes the envelope and knows what will get a reaction out of people so yeah…she knew this would get people talking. She also did the cover with a mannish K.D. Lang portraying a barber (typically male job) shaving Cindy Crawford’s face (not the usual pose for a top model, in barber chair, face covered with shaving cream). They embraced the humor, fun and whimsy of that “in your face” moment – and it worked. Did the cover of a pregnant Demi Moore have some people enraged – or the one where she was naked except for her “clothes” which were painted on? Sure it did. Humorists, photographers and others push the envelope and get people talking. Based on Leibovitz’s photographic style, she definitely pushes that envelope – Big Time. May she continue to do so. I liked her photos of Keith Haring, naked, except for his drawings, blending into walls and floors covered with his work. He was smeared with white paint and his drawings were black. It was as color photo but everything in it was black and white. Very cool!

  2. I had to read the Whitlock article to understand the controversy. But I agree with Jcorn, Leibovitz intentionally gets people talking with her photography.

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