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Ness City Boyfriend Charged in 2 Year Toilet Incident

Category: WTF News. Toilet sitting woman’s boyfriend charged.

I know you are on pins and needles as you follow the saga of the Ness City Kansas woman, Pam Babcock, whose phobias kept her in the bathroom of her boyfriend home so long, her butt literally became attached to the toilet set. Apparently, Ness County officials have determined her mental state didn’t have a capital city. Medical privacy laws won’t allow the release of the findings, but officials think they have enough to declare her a “dependent adult.”

This means that equally crazy boyfriend, Kory McFarren, 37, is now charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult in Ness County District Court. I’m having trouble finding any thing humorous in this massive mess. It seems that both of these people need serious help. If it comes in the form of psychiatric sessions or Scientology e-sessions, I don’t care. I don’t see how pressing charges is going to help anyone involved in this case.


9 thoughts on “Ness City Boyfriend Charged in 2 Year Toilet Incident

  1. One of those bizarre situations that makes one go “Ewww” and feel deep pangs of sympathy at the same time. Like you, I often try to find the humor in situations but when it comes to this one I can’t feel more than pity. Maybe later, I’ll see the humor. Sort of like I did when watching certain parts of that film, The Associates. People around me were rolling on the flool laughing (aka rofl) but only certain parts of it got me to laugh aloud, heartily.

    This situation is just sad. If they go after the boyfriend, I think they are missing the chance to help two mentally ill people, each dependent on the other. There isn’t just one dependent adult here. THere are two. My take, anyway.

  2. This situation is just sad.

    It’s quite obvious that these people need some help. No one with a stable mind would be in a situation like this. I don’t think charges should be pressed against him.

    I think they both need to seek some psychiatric care.

  3. This is awful and you are so right, what is the point of arresting the boyfriend who is as obviously sick as she is.It is so tragic, and it is tragic that people don’t have more compassion for someone like this. Great article

  4. It’s a multi-step process … file charges, he gets public defender. Public defender asks for a psych eval and it goes from there.

    Without the charges, it’s a lot harder to get the psych evaluation.

  5. I guess Lazy Gardens means “yeah butt” something good can come out of this. Let’s hope so. So many times the sick get locked up and never helped.

  6. I don’t understand why they’d press charges. This guy was probably beyond stressed out about having this woman on his toilet for 2 years. I’m still wondering how on earth she slept like that.

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