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Associated Content Promotes MySpace Spamming: They Didn’t Think This Through

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UPDATED:  Please see the comments for AC response to this post.

Part of the AC Newsletter for 13 March 2008 was some less-than-helpful tips for promoting your article using MySpace.

Make friends with a friend adder bot. This tool collects a list of MySpace users and then sends out requests for you.

This is an incredibly bad idea.

  1. It’s against MySpaces TOS. If caught, you’ll have your account deleted.
  2. It’s spam. The adding friends part isn’t, but when you start blasting out bulletins, you’ll get blocked.
  3. It’s going to give you and Associated Content a black eye.

My jaw hit the floor after the implications of these suggestions sank in. Please do not take AC up on this. Earn your MySpace friends and you will build a long-term, loyal reader base. Scoop and spam random strangers will get you dropped from all circles.

Just one more thing. This was in the AC Newsletter, too:

Make your MySpace page work for you by using colors, fonts and pictures to showcase your content or use the AC-themed layout.

You MySpacers need to open your eyes. I’m starting to think they are closed because you don’t see how butt-ugly your pages are. Tone it down. Stop with the flashing crap. You’re giving people seizures. Pick colors you can see. Stop putting lavender text on a pink background.

Bone up on some basic web concepts such as correct color combination and white space. Spend a few minutes at Web Pages That Suck. It’s a site that teaches you decent design concepts by showing you what other sites have done poorly. Don’t be surprised if you run into a few examples drawn from MySpace.

Good luck and don’t spam.


15 thoughts on “Associated Content Promotes MySpace Spamming: They Didn’t Think This Through

  1. I had saved this mail from AC to check out later. Thank you for your “heads-up” and quick response! I appreciate it.

  2. Smiling over here…can’t find the misspelled word(s). Thanks for the heads up Barefoot—I downloaded it and within a 1/2 hour, removed it from my computer.

  3. theBarefoot,

    This is Mike Street, Director of Community Development for Associated Content. I would first like to thank you for posting this and providing your valuable feedback. We greatly appreciate the voices from our community. After reading your blog post, we agree with your statement. This piece of user content was a poor choice for us to feature in the newsletter. We want to encourage the use of social media tools to promote content, but we don’t support their use in a way that would be considered spam.

    Please accept our apologies.

  4. MySpace is too annoying to deal with my husband and I had a MySpace page not long ago to keep in touch with friends. All it ever did for us was be mildly entertaining and was yet another thing to check everyday for no real purpose much of the time. We didn’t see our friends more because we had a page and most of the bulletins(about 90%)were quizzes and other useless content.It really made me wonder as much they were posting things on it and what they were posting. Am I the only one of us who’s really an adult? I’ve known them all(in real life) for years and love them dearly, but good Lord! I used our page for content promotion in an effort to earn a living. Not that the Cats ordering “cheezeburgers” isn’t cute and funny to someone somewhere but goodness gracious. We took down our page a few months ago simply because we weren’t finding it useful at all in any way. I may do another solely for promotion,don’t know for sure though.

  5. Guess I have some catching up to do. I read the AC newsletter, thought, “huh?” and am now reading the AC forums about this. But what will AC do to notify everyone who received the newsletter but doesn’t frequent the forums?

  6. Does anybody use any other networks besides AC?
    I mean they have so many limitations that others don’t have.
    Can I get some feedback?

  7. Thank Sammer,
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    I did my homework and found out that they pay the most, except every type of articles, fastest, best promotion and most page views which means more money, hey they even pay me for submiting my own photography! Heres a link to some of my work on Triond, take a look, I have some funny stuff there. My Triond Profile

  8. Hi,
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