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Clinton v. Obama. Are They the Same Candidate?

I jumped into a forum debate about the 600 pound gorilla of the Democratic primary. What’s different about Clinton and Obama. It certainly seems like their policies are pretty close. From that seed, I spun up my latest Associated Content piece, Clinton v. Obama. Are They the Same Candidate?

She’s white. He’s black.
Obama is married to a black woman and he is only half-black. Clinton is married to a white man who cheated on her half the time, probably with some black women.

Advantage: Obama. Bill is more baggage than asset.

It follows this format and devolves pretty quickly. Hope you enjoy and let me know you stopped by.


3 thoughts on “Clinton v. Obama. Are They the Same Candidate?

  1. Although I don’t always comment (can’t be as clever as others, so don’t say anything) but I always read your posts. I DO have to admit- I wonder what you REALLY look like. I suspect the little avitar is not to your likeness. For what it’s worth………

  2. “He would see faces in movies, on t.v., in magazines, and in books….
    He thought that some of these faces might be right for him….and
    Through the years, by keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in his
    Mind….or somewhere in the back of his mind….that he might, by
    Force of will, cause his face to approach those of his ideal.” ~ Talking Heads Seen and Not Seen

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