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Don’t Steal From Me, Butthead.

Every so often I take a few minutes to Google a few phrases from my articles.  It’s not a very efficient way to look for copyright infringement, but it’s better than nothing.  A few days ago I searched for “Six cases of people fainting in the presence” to see if my Obama satire had been picked up by any feeds or blogs.  Behold, it had not only been picked up, it had been lifted wholesale.

Some self-appointed prophet who was running a blog about Obama being the anti-Christ, had ripped off the first three quarters of the article for their uber-psycho blog.  They didn’t even bother correcting my typos either.  (Hint:  If you’re going to steal articles with typos, at least have the decency to correct my fat fingers.)

I left comments for the plagiarist to remove the offending text.  No response.  I left scriptures about how thieves should be treated.  No response.  I left an official DMCA cease and desist.  No response.  I then pulled out my English to legalese translator and crafted a detailed message, including dates, URLs, and the magic “under penalty of perjury” statement and submitted my offering to the WordPress gods.

The results can be seen here.  The lesson learned is, don’t steal from me butthead.  I don’t like it and I will hunt you down a shove a kipper up your bum.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Steal From Me, Butthead.

  1. anyone else notice the tiny little text smiley under the notice that the content had violated terms of condition? I’m glad they took the stolen stuff down, Barefoot. What a butthead

  2. Good job on getting the site removed. WordPress is typically pretty darn good about doing that so I am happy to hear that the streak continues. I’ve never had any trouble getting a reply from them.

    If you need any help, please let me know, I’m here if there is any way I can assist!

  3. That is so great that you were able to get this guy his just reward for selling your words. It’s happened to me four times that I’m aware of.

  4. On behalf of all writers, risking on-line publication of any sort, “Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Danke! Mahalo!” Yes, my friend, you have planted the ‘good seed’ in this individual victory – A ‘good seed’ which has already proven to take root and grow healthy and strong! Write on!

  5. You can’t stop the Barefoot or even hope to contain him when the wild animal is provoked in its natural habitat.

  6. I’m proud of you for fighting this stuff and persevering! You’ve inspired me to try doing some random searches of my own phrases, although I don’t think any of my sentences are as memorable as “six people fainting in the presence”. Every once in awhile, someone will let me know that I’ve been “pornjacked” or that my stuff is sending people to porn sites, using my name as a cover. I do the searches and sometimes it leads to an offending site and I get it taken off.

    Also, some AC writer had stuff used on television, as I understand it, without permission or credits. What would you do about that?

  7. Also, when articles are put on Dugg, are they automatically being given permission to be put on Blogs? If that sounds incredible naive, here is the source of my confusion: Any artice of mine that is dugg lists the people who “dugg” it and the people who used it in “blogs”. I can never find the exact use in most blogs, however. Clearly, oh master, I have much to learn….

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