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Associate Content Tip of the Day 27 Feb 2008: 6 Common Internet Writing Mistakes

Nannette Richford put together Six Common Internet Writing Mistakes. These are not the usual cast of characters. You’ll find some real food for thought in this article. Think of it as web writing 201.

5. Do you have the mistaken notion that crafting well-written and insightful content is all that is needed to attract readers? It isn’t. You need to do your homework and find a way to draw readers to your content. “If you build it, they will come.” Only works in the movies. In real life, you need to build a pathway for them to follow. Think of search engines as a path leading to your content. Even the work of literary geniuses will never be read if there is no pathway to their work.

This and 5 more great tips await. >> Read More >>


4 thoughts on “Associate Content Tip of the Day 27 Feb 2008: 6 Common Internet Writing Mistakes

  1. Thanks for posting this article on your site. As a new writer on AC, I am still learning all the tricks for drawing in readers. Articles such as this are very helpful. Thanks for providing so much info for new AC writers!

  2. Nice catch on this one, would have missed it otherwise. As much as I study the subject, the whole search engine thing keeps me hopping, too. Some of my pieces that get the most hits don’t fit any of the criteria for “keywords” or SEO. They just get hits, for reasons that mystify me. They aren’t “evergreens”, don’t have built-in appeal (not just my opinion but that of other strong writers with better reps than I have – and more money). I think some search engine person is out there just giving hits to random articles and giggling because he or she knows that it will seem totally baffling.

    That is my paranoid fantasy of the year.Now back to meditation.

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