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Editing and Resubmitting an Associated Content Article

Before an Offer
At any time before an offer/rejection is extend, you have the opportunity to edit your article. Login. Select ‘My Account’ and click on ‘My Content’. Next to the article you want to change, click the ‘e’ icon. You’ll walk through all the same pages you did when you first submitted and have a chance to change any of the settings or text.

The only things you can’t change are pictures. Once you’ve attached a picture, you’re stuck with it. If you want to remove a picture, you have to start a new article. You can, however, attach more pictures at this stage.

After an Offer/Rejection (up-front payment consideration)
You may select to edit an resubmit by selecting the option from the drop-down menu next to the offer in the Content area. Your will walk back through the same pages again. Your article will go back in queue for a few more days until a content manager (CM) gets to it again.

If your rejection included a request to make changes, create a new article. Leave the old article in place and submit the new article with the changes. This lets the CM know you are complying with the request. If you just change the one that is there, when they get back to it four days later, they will not remember they asked you to make changes and will tell you to stop resubmitting the same, rejected article.

Changing to PV-only After a Rejection
You have two options:

1. Use the edit and resubmit drop-down. Change the payment consideration to PV-only. Click to the end and save. Don’t do this!. The article goes back into queue and you must wait for a CM to circle back around and publish it. Many people report that even when they use this method, the CM barks about resubmitting rejected material. They often don’t see you’ve changed the payment method.

2. Start a new article (Display Only). Copy and paste your old article, bit by bit, to the new template. Publish your article immediately. Delete the old article. Don’t forget to press the “Publish” button at the top of the review page. This works every time.


11 thoughts on “Editing and Resubmitting an Associated Content Article

  1. Thanks for the tips! The one thing I don’t like about AC is the fact you can not delete the picture once it has been uploaded. There have been a few times after I have uploaded a picture and I realize that it comes out blurry or just doesn’t look right. Very frustrating! Happy Writing!

  2. And isn’t it a major pain in the ass? God I got one on there now and just dont want to take the time to go through all the shit that you have to do to submit for free, so it is in que when it could already be published, blah!!!

  3. You would think that AC would have fixed the picture issue while they did all their updating. It can be a real pain in the rump if you know what I mean.

  4. It would be absolutely fantastic if there was a field for “not to CM” or something like that – just to allow any kind of communication with the CM.

  5. I like your tip about leaving the old article there and submitting a new one with the changes. I never thought about that before. I’ve only had to edit and re-submit a couple times. Now I know how to do it more effectively if it happens again. Thanks. :-)

  6. This does work . . . most of the time. Thanks for the instructions. Yes, I do wish photo editing were possible. AC runs VERTICAL pictures HUGE. Square or horizontal images tend to be smaller. live and learn, at least till the next redesign.

  7. Does this mean that after the article is published and there is no edit button you can resubmit a new one and delete the old one?

  8. I had one of my more curious AC experiences recently. I submitted an article and the CM comment stated that AC would really like to offer an up front payment for the content, but the title needed to be changed to something that more accurately reflects the content of the article.

    sooooo…I changed the title and resubmitted.

    A few days later I get my email stating that the article had been offered an up front payment. I go to my content page to check the offer and there it is – the offer for the article WITH THE ORIGINAL TITLE!!

  9. Totally agree! I worked hours on several articles for very little pay! It’s possible do delete your account, but only your articles if you specialily request it. Uhhh…that’s why i’m gonna quit!

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