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This is Just Sick

Now I know there is something out there for everyone. I also discovered that some people should just be shot.

I had to do a double-take in the beer aisle at my local Publix when I saw Budweiser & Clamato. Apparently, this is called Chelada and is popular among the Latino community. Maybe it’s only popular with a sub-set of insane Latinos who had their taste buds burned off by one-too-many habaneros.

For those out of the loop, Clamato is basically V-8 (tomato juice) and clam juice. Yes, a nastier concoction could never have been created until now. Some genius had the idea to mix it with beer. I’m assuming he was drunk at the time.

This mixture ruins the Clamato, which you really can’t do, and destroys the beer. You nasty people out there who are mixing weird crap together on a bet need professional help. Just stop it. Every time I have to go down that aisle at the grocery store, I have to gag a little. Thanks for taking one more joyous moment of my life away.


14 thoughts on “This is Just Sick

  1. Yuck! I have a friend who drinks beer and tomato juice (think it’s called a “Bloody Beer”), which I can’t imagine drinking. But Clamato? That’s just gross!

  2. I’ve had beer and Spicey Tom. It wasn’t exactly bad but it was definately far from good, (kinda like meat flavored chewing gum). I think the concept was originated by a nutritionist to insure that beeraholics got a healthy breakfast. I can’t think of any other reason why you’d want to mess up Snappy Tom or Clamato for that matter. I’d like to know who and how somebody came up with the idea that clam juice, (How do you juice a clam? Do they have little clam teets?), would taste good in anything. That person has entirely too much time on their hands. I’m putting together a lynch mob right now. Clamato? Get a rope!

  3. Tuna fish can drainings and Zima! I just came up with it, it’s gonna be a big big hit.

    Okay. I’ll give you that. That sounds WAY nastier, but I bet someone would pay top dollar if you slapped an “Dolphin Free Albacore” label on it and got Bumblebee to sign on.

  4. Wait a minute Barefoot. Are you saying that the dolphins in the albacore are gonna be free? Well hell, Sign me up, Just be sure to thread a tape worm onto my swizzle stick.

  5. I’m thinking Cat fish squeezins and Jaegermeister. Now that’s something I’d pay to see somebody drink. Is this an episode of fear factor?

  6. My ex-husband was mexican and one time after I got really really drunk and then really really sick my mother in law had me drink V8 juice warmed up with a shot of tobasco in it. It did help but I’m not sure why.

  7. Oh YUK! This is just too much to handle first thing in the morning. I am going back to bed where I can safely keep the contents of my stomach. What is that cliche? Oh yeah I remember………There is no accounting for taste.

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