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Head to Head at the 4-Way Stop

Yield to the right is the rule when you arrive simultaneously. Yield to the cool is more like it when the guy on your right is in a matte-black, home restored Chevelle SS. Sweet ride if you can get it. With the window down and the shades on, he appeared to have the coolness factor sewn up. But I was in my mini-van.

We were at an impasse, but he knew he had the mojo of the redneck go-faster and my Korean van just didn’t impress him. That was the part that made me cooler. I let “shades” go first. He was Sparaticus after all. The things that made me cooler were that I knew I was cooler and I had my CD rockin’

Yielding the right-of-way to Shades’ SS….5 seconds.
Knowing The Clash is cranking…priceless.
Shades is not the Stig, but my mini-van will rollover in a tight turn so I must be careful. You decide which is best. I’m of the opinion that rolling around in something tight is the best thing that can possibly happen to you. Yield or don’t, just get home safely.


3 thoughts on “Head to Head at the 4-Way Stop

  1. My kids think I’m crazy when I rant about right-of-way at four-way stops and three-way stops. But they will understand the rules when they start driving. I may have to try The Clash as an antidote to the rant — or maybe dig out my old NIN.

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