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Associated Content Announces Winners of 2nd Annual People’s Media Awards

Associated Content announced the winners of its 2nd annual, $10,000 awards today. Most of the awards are based on the amount of traffic generated for the site, but hidden within this years winners were a few gems of outstandingly well-written web content. The winners were:

Content Producer of the Year
Pam Gaulin writes on a variety of topics, has a tremendous following of readers, and promotes the general welfare of her fellow writers with site like AC Writers at Ning. On a personal note, Pam had my vote from the start for top honors.
Pam Gaulin’s CP page
Prize: $2,000

Best of AC Text
Michelle Devon. Don’t stop with just “Michy’s” winning article. She has a couple of hundred and everyone is worth the read. Beyond her fantastic writing abilities, she goes out of her way to mentor new writers and spread the wealth of writing opportunities with her own site, Accentuate.
Confessions of a Writer: The Ugly Truth About Being a Writer
Prize: $1000

Rosa Hayes wrote this astounding, personal piece about the loss of her son. Her other articles cover a spectrum of topics and always have great information.
Oklahoma City Mother Recounts the Death of Her Son
Prize: $1000

Jean Riva. I found Jean through another site before I found her writings. Her articles are full of the love and frustrations of life. When she is not caring for her husband, she spends her time writing insightful, humorous articles and spreading awareness of language aphasia.
How My Husband’s Stroke Changed My Life
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Video
Aaron Jaffe
Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Audio
Ken McCoy
Ken McCoy Entertainment Report
Prize: $1000

Best of AC Slideshow
Aly Adair
Aly’s Aesthetic Glory
Prize: $1000

Top Performing* Text
Webkinz World Secret Cheat Codes
Prize: $1000

Top Performing* Richmedia
Kelly Fleming
Craiglist: There is Something for Everyone
Prize: $1000

1,000 other members of the Associated Content community also were given recognition (i.e. no money) based on the number of hits generated for the site. Congratulations to all of this years winners.

*based on hits.


9 thoughts on “Associated Content Announces Winners of 2nd Annual People’s Media Awards

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Randy. I didn’t realize you knew my writing before I came to Associated Content. Since it hasn’t appeared many places I can guess where you found it.

    Thanks, also, for nominated one of my articles in the forums.

  2. Thank you so much Randy! You are very kind. In cyberspace nobody can hear you cry. :-) Does this mean I can get back on the forums?

  3. Thanks Randy. I will have to do something like this on my site, I might have to do a recap of last years winners also. I love this site for keeping everyone updated on AC and for your witty humor.

  4. I feel like I’m with the “in” crowd now. Kind of makes up for recently resigning as a guest editor at another site after trying it out for one day. Ugh! I never want to go through anything like that again. I’d rather write.

  5. Congrats to all the CPS, too. It was really thrilling seeing all those names and the awards. Also, I had no idea that if we landed in the top 1000 we would get a little badge by our name. I thought we’d just get on a list and that would be that. It would still look good on a resume’ but this looks good ALL the time :)

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