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Yardwork? In January?

Do I feel sorry for all the poor saps shoveling snow right now? No. You chose to live there and that’s just crazy.

It was 50°F here yesterday. With no snow to shovel, but lots of leaves to rake, I decided to take my new Xmas/B’Day mower for a spin. I finally broke down and bought a decent machine with a bagger. The hope is to keep the pine-straw thatch from building up. So in reality, I wasn’t cutting grass so much as vacuuming the lawn. I primed my new Troy-Bilt with rear bagger and off I went. It performed beautifully. Neither leaf nor pine stood a chance.

But the best part about the whole affair was it’s January in Alabama and I’m out mowing the yard. I’ll gladly take that over snow anytime. To all my friends up North, struggling with snow in the drive, on the road, and in your mudroom, I say, “Go South, young man.” If it snows two inches here, the schools close and life takes a holiday. Thankfully, snow in Bama is like locusts; it only comes once every seven to ten years.

If you don’t feel like moving, I’m pretty sure Troy-Bilt makes a snow blower.  I know I’ll never need one.  I think I’ll head back to Lowes today and find some more projects to work on…outside.


5 thoughts on “Yardwork? In January?

  1. just in from mulching sweet gum leaves in the back yard. I think I’ll go for a bike ride.

    my sister-in-law gets up at 3AM to play in the snow, btw. wife doesn’t do that, but she does buy extra milk when there’s snow in the forecast… not for being snowed in, but for snow cream.

  2. Trust me, we would not live here if the kids did not live up here with their mom :-) Plus I got to make snow fort today with my son :-)

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