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Associated Content Overhauls Website

Overnight, Associated Content gave their website a complete overhaul.  You can read their press release here.

Some of the most requested changes, like the deletion of the Top Rated page, were incorporated into the redesign.  Some great new features like “Most Popular Content” were added.

As with any major change, there are lots of little bugs to workout.  The AC tech team will have their hands full for the next week or so addressing all the bugs, but overall the changes are great.  Check it out for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Associated Content Overhauls Website

  1. The overhauled AC is quite something, I just need to adjust to the new navigation and look. Not sure if I like the page views showing, I feel so exposed!

  2. The photos definitely stand out more and some of them look downright racy (sexy) when enlarged. I miss the easier way of finding the top and most popular content and features. I don’t think they are as easy to find now.

  3. Thankfully I signed up for AC and forgot about it. When I came back to it and realized the full potential (after losing my job and deciding to stay at home with my son) the new look was in place so I have nothing to adjust to. I don’t remember what it looked like in March 2007 when I signed up. But, even still, it’s confusing.

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