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The Sick and the Dead

Perfect timing.  I went to bed Friday night in prefect health and woke up Saturday morning, the first day of my Christmas vacation, sick as a cat.  The fire in my chest and head are the harbingers of Christmas this year.

The odd thing is, I rarely get a cold or flu or what ever this burning sensation is.  I guess my system is just too toxic to sustain any real disease.   Hopefully, this will clear up enough so we can all enjoy the day.

In my delirium, I still had to run to the grocery store (sanitize those cart handles, kids).  I threw a couple of game hens in a cart.  It wasn’t my cart.  I turned around twice, wondering why my hens had escaped.  Then I realized I may have stolen someone’s cart and/or randomly thrown poultry around the meat department.  These better be the best birds ever.  I feel like I really hunted and gathered.


5 thoughts on “The Sick and the Dead

  1. I hope you feel better real soon. I know how it is to be sick at Christmas. Seems I get sick every Christmas. Luckily it is passing pretty quick this year.

  2. I was out huntin fer some grubs when a couple a wierd looking birds flew over. I shot ’em with my scatter gun. Funny thing though the pieces that were left were frozen. I think those are North Virginian game hens, (I hear it’s cold up there). Anyway, ma is workin on some game hen soup, (soon as she figgers out exactly what part of the bird survived). If homeland security promises not to arrest me for sendin’ noxious substances through the mail I’ll forward some along. I’ll try and save a gizzard fer ya. Hope ya get well soon as yer too durn far away fer CPR and the authorities don’t plan on letting me go anywheres at least till I’m no longer a danger to anybody.

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