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JIT for Xmas

 I started out to write a piece about the real, historical St. Nicholas, 4th century Bishop of Myra.  Quickly realizing the volume of research material made me think twice.  After all, books have been written on the topic.  But I decided to give my brief treatment a slight twist and ended up with Santa Claus Punched Me in the Face. 

What to do with the leftover research? I had enough material for at least 2 more articles, but decided to write just one making a correlation between the traditional symbols associated with St. Nicholas and modern Christmas practices.  Do you know why there is an orange in you stocking?  From St. Nicholas to Santa Claus: Connecting the Symbolism might reveal a few things you didn’t know about Christmas.

Either way, Merry Christmas.  And if you are one of those that is offended by the use of “Xmas,” I may just have to write an article about what the X really means.  It is not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas.  But that is for another time.


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