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When Writing About Narcissist

When writing about narcissist, expect every neurotic, bed-wetter on the net to assume you’re writing about them. Xenu loves a good drama queen and I inadvertently found one.

On 2 Nov, I wrote an AC tip of the day which included a short rant about egotistical assholes who think they are the 21st century Shakespeare. It was loosely based on a real person and real event, but mostly a generic extrapolation of observed behavior at Associated Content. Apparently, it hit close to home with a passer-by. I won’t bore you with the details. You can check the comments in the aforementioned post to see for yourself.

The first bread crumb was a massive spike in blog hits. Not having just fallen off the internet turnip truck, I realized someone had linked to one of my ravings. I followed the trail back to a forum. I’ll remain purposefully vague to protect the guilty.

Part of this forum is dedicated to finding people who write poorly about particular topics. They have a very active discussion as to how hard this dude sucks. The beauty of it all is I didn’t even know this guy existed, but he thought I was writing about him. He even blogged some delusional post about it. I guess he saw too much of himself in the closeted world of his own fabrication. He even thought I worked for AC and was his Content Manager. Super-putz is the only word that comes to mind.

That’s the most exciting thing to happen in my pathetic world this week. I caught the eye of a narcissistic drama queen, but found some of the smartest, snarkiest people I’ve net-met in about 10 years. That reminds me, what ever happened to AOL?


4 thoughts on “When Writing About Narcissist

  1. Good question Anonymous. Do I feel special? That depends. Did you mean special as in “touched by the gods” or special as in “the short bus just pulled up?” Let me get my helmet before I decide.

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