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Up and Krunkin’

That magic moment came Friday morning.  My back stopped spasming long enough for the kink to leave.  Just in time to move a sofa to my daughter’s upstairs apartment.  Yeah, really looking forward to that experience.   Thanks to my bud Jon, his new hardwood floor and his every-thing-must-go strategy for clearing out the living room, I got a free couch and chair.  Well, nothing is really free.  I have to expend the energy to get it to it’s destination.

Then it’s off to the grocery store to spend a weeks grocery money on one meal.  I love Thanksgiving.  We’re going to celebrate at least twice.  The youngest is doling out a spread on Wednesday night.  Then we do it up right at the old homestead on Thursday.  Throw in some leftovers and we’ll eat for 5 days.  Until then I’ll just rest up and watch some porn.  My definition of porn is the Food Network and this is sweeps week.  Oh yeah Alton, brown that bird!


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