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Crappy Ass Sick Day

It couldn’t even be one of the fun sick days where you feel too bad to go to work, but not to play. Today was a crappy sick day. If it could have just been one where my brain still functioned, it would have been OK. The level of meds required to kill the pain fogged my brain so much, I couldn’t do much of anything. I have a couple of writing project started, but there was no working on them today.

The old lumbar has been squirrelly for a few days and it finally screamed, “No mas!” The best I have for pain is ibuprofen. The prescription muscle relaxer are keeping my brain in a fog. At least I’m getting plenty of rest. I take two hour naps every 3 hours. Not much else to do but lie on the heating pad and watch TV. Mindless internet surfing helps take my mind of the pain. But cute kittens with misspelled captions get old pretty fast.

This half-sleep half-awake world I’m in sucks hose water. It’s not my idea of slack. I’ll be happy when I can stop taking these pills. Until then, I think…


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