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I Wish it Could Always Be This Way

I’ve hit a minor stride with my Associated Content submissions. I wish I could be more consistent, but life gets in the way. My latest article, “I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman,” came after a conversation I had with a very nice , but oblivious, young lady. I rarely do political pieces, but this one turned out more historical than political. Of course, the manager at AC didn’t see it that way and gave me the stock “We don’t often pay for op-ed…” OK, I can buy that. The first paragraph was opinion. Since they don’t read much past the first paragraph, if even that, I’m fine with that assessment. I didn’t do the job they wanted. I still think it is a good article.

The really strange thing is despite the rejection, the manager changed the title by adding “false logic” to the end. I don’t know why the bother when they aren’t going to pay for it. I guess they think they’re making it more findable, but in this case they didn’t. They just telegraphed the subtitle. If I had selected to re-submit for bonus-only payments, the title would have stuck. It would have also delayed the publication by several days. Today’s tip: for declined articles that you want to submit for bonus-only, copy the article into a new template. This ensures that it publishes immediately and takes the risk of one of those silly managers from warning you about re-submitting the rejected article. Yes. That happens.

I got to looking at my Associated Content library. For someone who is know as a humorist, I haven’t written a humor article there since “How to Kill Weeds, Flowers and Your Lawn” on 5 Aug 2007. It’s funny how many hits that gets. The “kill weeds” part shows up on Google with great frequency. I can only imagine how POed people are when they find it has little advice in the way of weed killing. But it stands as proof that a good title will bring the clicks.

Here’s to hoping I feel funny again soon. After doing research into the current presidential candidates platforms, I’m really not feeling funny. I’m down right mad at most of them. I’ll write something on that topic soon.


One thought on “I Wish it Could Always Be This Way

  1. I wish I could be consistent with my submissions, too, the job which pays the bills and the insurance gets in my way :)

    I’m not impressed with the presidential candidate options and suppose it’ll come down to voting for the lesser of (two? three?) evils.

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