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Associated Content Tip of the Day 6 Nov 2007: The WSJ’s Take on Web Trends

Jason Fry of The Wall Street Journal has an article out entitled “The Era of Bottom-Up Brands“.   It covers some of the history of what made Google what it is today and how the web is changing into user-driven content.  About halfway through, Associated Content is mentioned as an example of the “bottom-up” trend.

This provides a great example of what AC and similar sites are looking for in submissions.  Here’s an excerpt

But the company [AC] contends that many people performing a specific search will value specific information more than fancy wordplay: If you’re going to Venice in August with kids, Joe Friday’s workaday account of visiting Venice in August with kids may prove a lot more useful than a John Berendt travelogue.

I recommend the read for both novice and experienced web writer alike.

Click here to read The Era of Bottom-Up Brands in the WSJ.


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