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Associate Content Tip of the Day 3 Nov 2007: What is a Review?

Today’s tip is what happens when your article is reviewed by an Associated Content, Content Manager. Understanding the acceptance process form the CM’s point of view is invaluable to tailoring your writing for Associated Content and therefore getting decent offers.

Guest contributer EMohrman writes:

If you’ve spent any time in the Associated Content forum, you’ve undoubtedly seen the complaint. It’s rarely so succinct, and often liberally peppered with indignation, but the gist is: “I can tell from the rejection I got my Content Manager didn’t even read my article!” Gasp! Guess what? Not only do the Content Managers NOT read most of the content before deciding whether to make an upfront payment offer, they can’t read it, nor do they have to.

With submissions from tens of thousands of Content Producers coming in ever day, 24/7, it simply isn’t feasible for the Content Managers to read everything in their queues. So, what do they do, and, more importantly, how are you supposed to sell them on your work’s worth?  >> read more >>

Read the full article Hey! I Don’t Think the Content Manager Read My Article!


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