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Holiday Daze

Having just come off my Columbus Day blockbuster (and by blockbuster I mean AC paid me a couple of bucks for it), I got to looking at some of my older articles with holiday themes for the up-coming season. Here’s what I found, dusted off, and present for your strong disapproval.

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Zombies >> This could work for Halloween or as a guide for Christmas shopping. You know they are coming back…for the holidays. You don’t want to donate your brain, so buy them this!

Anti-Psychic for Hire >> A fun Halloween romp. Learn my dirty secret and how I started a lucrative business. Are you haunted by ghosts? Does unexplainable fear run your life? Are supernatural powers out to get you? Hire the Anti-Psychic today and reclaim your life if not your sofa.

A Handy Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving >> Thanksgiving can be exhausting, but these tips will get you through the day, especially if family is coming. Memories, food, and fuzzy memories await.

New Christmas Songs >> Tired of singing the same old Christmas carols? I’ve rewritten some of the old standbys with new lyrics in the spirit of Christmas, joy, love and in memory of Tom Cruise (inarguably the worst actor ever and a man who supplies endless fodder for ridicule).

Holiday Shopping Hints or How to Serve Your Country >> These are simple rules to make your holiday shopping experience better. Learn why everyone should be compelled to serve their country either in the military, the Peace Core, or behind the retail counter at least once in their life. You’ll learn so much about yourself.

And just for some non-comic relief:

When Veteran’s Day is Personal >> Soldiers are a breed apart. We would not enjoy our freedoms without their sacrifices. One day of remembrance each year is not enough. I remember my soldier 365 days a year. Here is why. Nothing humorous to read here. But since Veteran’s Day is also coming up, I thought it proper to include my very personal ode to Dad.


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