I’ll have the bacon, eggs spam, spam & spam

Spam.  It’s become a fact of on-line life.  You ignore it.  You fight it.  You block it.  But it keeps coming.  What is it about this old post that draws the spammers?  Is it the word “trophy”?  Is it the word “wife”?  Why are poker sites and on-line pharmacies picking on this simple little account of one day in my life?

Delete. Delete. Delete.  The new mantra of my existence.

But I’m still curious  why it’s that particular post that is a spam pheromone.  Anyone got a clue?



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  1. Hmm, if you’re getting stuff about enhancement medications, then it must be “trophy wife.” You’d need something to keep the trophy wife :)

  2. That’s what confuses me. I’m well endowed and the wife is still shocked every time she sees it. Say that 3 times down by the sea shore.

  3. I think it is all the rubbing at the end of the post.

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