NASA Announces New Astronaut Hiring for Those with the Right Stuff

Do you want to be an astronaut? Perfect timing. NASA is looking for talented professionals to carry on the great tradition of space exploration. Do you have the right stuff to be a real astronaut? Learn how you can join the astronaut class of 2008. It’s been several years since NASA was looking for new candidates with the right stuff. It takes and education, good health, and a sense of adventure to make the cut. I’ve outlined the details, linked to the job announcement, and give a few tips on how to navigate the application process. Why am I qualified to give advice on this? Because I wrote the software that processes your application. Read more»


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  1. I’d make a fine space cadet. Sign me up!

  2. Do you really work at Nasa?

  3. Yes, Pam. I really work for NASA. Scary ain’t it?

  4. I just might apply!! I would love to be an astronaut, especially if I get to fly on the vehicle I am helping design. But I am sure the likelihood of being selected is very slim. Oh well, I guess it is worth a shot. Maybe you can put a good word in for me :)

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