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Puppy breath

I’ve been giving my dog Breath Busters dog treats in hopes that it would freshen his breath. Now that we have a second pup, I cheaped out, like I do, and bought some generic treats. I thought, “The old boys breath ain’t that sweet anyway. I don’t think these are working.”

Now the old man won’t touch the new treats. Worse yet, I now remember why I bought the Breath Busters in the first place. I only thought his breath was bad. Now that he isn’t getting his old treats I can’t tell which end that smell is coming from.

So the $2.09 I saved buying the generic treats went right in the trash can. Back to the store for those Breath Buster treats. It may not make his breath smell like a Spring day, but the alternative is ass breath.


One thought on “Puppy breath

  1. Of course, it could just be the type of dog, but what do you feed them?
    I’ve found that for minimum smell you should a) never feed wet, canned food, and b) you SHOULD feed bi-product free dry food

    that and maybe he has something wrong with his gums that makes him smell especially bad

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