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Make More Money with Good Headlines.

Good headlines can be the key to more money when writing web content. It is also one of those things I take interest in and tinker with. I did my own headline analysis a while back. It’s playing out nicely. A joke article I wrote about vacations is racking up the hits mostly because of the title. People who are looking for cheap vacations are probably pissed when they see it, but the joke is on them.

The next town hall meeting takes place on Wed., August 22nd, 2007 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The topic of the next town hall meeting is: Writing Headlines 101. On the web, headlines are often just as important as the body of your content. The best ones can grab the attention of readers, social book-marking sites and search engines alike. Log in to AC, join the Town Hall and learn how to write direct, unique headlines to maximize traffic to your AC content.


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