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Updated PV Converter and New Quick Stats

For AC members only.

I’ve updated the Page-view converter to version 1.5. The new feature is a table that breaks out some basic information and does a few addition calculations.

  Total Num Total PV Avg PV Best PV
All Articles        
Free Articles        
Paid Articles        

Plus, the total of your payments and your highest paying article.

I’ve also code a basic page parser, AC Quick Stats. Drop in your AC Homepage and it will total the number of articles and calculate your average page views.

Why? How do you use the new info? One thing that goes into getting better offers from AC is your track record. Proven producers get better offers. Hopefully, you can use this to figure out what you’re doing right and wrong.

If you have any suggestions for new features, just let me know.

A big thanks to Michy for hosting the pages at Accentuate Services.

If you’re not a member at AC and like to write FOR MONEY, it’s easy to get started. You can check out my Getting Started primer for more info or drop me a line in the comments.


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