I Have a Trophy Wife

I took some time out of my busy schedule to spend some time with my wife. You have to do that every once in a while guys. Trust me on this one. It cuts down on the couch time.

I took her to the spa. By spa, I mean optometrist. She put off going for 2 years and I insisted because she was missing all of my beauty. By beauty, I mean the lights were out because I forgot to pay the utility bill.

The nice young lady totaled up the bill, sans insurance, and proclaimed that it would be $250. I turned to my bride and said, “You’re a high-maintenance chick.”

She retorted, “I’m a trophy wife.”

“I didn’t win first-place.”

“Yeah. I’m one of those Special Olympics trophy wives. Every one wins a prize just for participating.”

During this brief exchange, we gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes with full knowledge of our strong love; an understanding that only comes with time, patience, and a sense of humor. The young attendant however had her jaw on the floor. It wasn’t until that jewel I married, turned and said, “We’ve been married 25 years,” did the poor, unwitting soul stifle a chuckle.

It’s good to rub off on people. It’s good to rub against people. Try to do the former as much as possible. Try to do the latter with a select few, if only one.



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  1. I love this story. And I’ll try to rub up against as many people as I can before summer is over. Good advice.

  2. Great story! Sounds as though your “trophy wife” has a great sense of humor, too.

  3. The insurance guys like your trophy wife too. Maybe they want to make sure your prize is insured :-)

  4. Normally I would hate that term, but this article sheds new light on the subject. –28 and counting, “Special Olympics” trophy–

  5. That Anonymous was me – oop!

  6. I’m a rich gambler with a supermodel for a wife.

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