From the Dept of Buzzawha?

Gun and Tackle Store.   Buzzawha?

What the hell are you fishing with?  If you need a shotgun to go fishing, you’re doing it all wrong.  Rifle fishing with a night scope?  Now that could be a sport.  I’ve even see bow-fishing on the TV.

You have to wonder what things should not be combined.  Dynamite and fishing is one except in that extreme future where 90% of the world’s population has died and you, as one of the few survivors, stumble across the abandoned dynamite factory while you’re hungry.

“Here Bubba, take this 12-gauge and snag you a marlin” is just a little foreign to me.  When I went fishing it wasn’t about catching anything.  It was about getting out, talking, drinking, and connecting.  I did that once or twice.  I’m better for it.

Why did someone think “Gun and Tackle” was a good idea?  Just because you get outdoors with the two is no reason to create a store that combines them.  Yet, they work.  The next time a someone shoots a hook in your mouth, stop, drop and roll and think, “Was this a good idea?”



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  1. What about a liquor-slash-bait shop? We got us some of them in these parts.

  2. Add a drive thru on to that liquor shop and you’ve really got something, Red.

  3. I love those. The liquor shop down the road has a drivethru – it’s so handy.

  4. Aww, come on… haven’t you heard of Beer, Bait, and Ammo?

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