When musical theater goes wrong

I’ve a friend who likes musicals.  This is for her.   Yes, I like to ruin life for everyone.

If you didn’t find that funny, it’s OK.  In the next life you’ll be reincarnated as an accountant.



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  1. I’m not a fan of musicals but really enjoyed this ditty!

  2. Holy frickin’ crap; that is CLASSIC :-)…Was that main pirate in the white shirt Kevin Kline? Tell me that wasn’t Kevin Kline…

  3. This is high-class theater. When does the national tour start?

  4. LOL. That was great. My husband might actually this one. ;-)

  5. The Booty Pirates of Penzant.

  6. What’s Wrong With Accountants?
    So when are they going to do “Get Your Freak On?”

  7. The husband’s a huge musical fan – and Linda Ronstadt fan – and watches this damn movie every time he gets a chance. He’s also warped. He would like to thank you very, very much for sharing this one!

  8. What if I am already an accountant but thought it was funny anyway?

    haha, I love musicals. thanks for posting this

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